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Today I helped an OP on 4chan with a big life problem of their’s. I don’t know them, and quite frankly, I really should have abandoned all hope seeing as I was within the realm of /b/. But I saw something in this OP, something that reminded me of myself, and the problems and feelings I’ve once faced, still face, and will continue to struggle against. I know how he feels. That was my light stage. I know what he wants to do. The random fear that such terrible thoughts are coming to mind about one’s life. And for just that little moment in our lives, before the thread 404’d, a little bit of hope bubbled to the top of the tar-pits of immorality found in 4chan and /b/. But also to the human condition as a whole. OP and I, we don’t know each other. We have never conversed of any sorts before. I have no idea who he is, where he comes from, and what kind of person he is. But just because of the lack of knowledge of some anon, doesn’t mean we can’t reach out and try to help someone.
Just look at this situation. I started this tumblr with his same feelings(even enhanced) in mind. If I were to have gotten even one positive message from any viewer, that would have made a difference. Fortunately though, I’ve been through too much stuff to let a lack of interest in anyone viewing to really affect me. But lets just end with this;
Help someone random. Whether it be through the internet or in real life. (Yeah, that game with amazing graphics, but horrible gameplay.) I’d even like to hear back from you to hear what you’ve done to help another anon. Or even someone you know.

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