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He’s an insidious creature.  A poison among freedom and happiness. A thought or breath not identical to his ideals, and he draws steel. I’m asked why I’m gone when we are all together. I’m not naturally this way. When I’m free, able to actually live I can smile. I can look up and feel the sky. I can turn and be a person. Not a puppet too afraid to move. You have your small Kingdom you have forced together. You had your sick fun, controlling all of us, and watching us writhe when you wished. But now I can stand firm. Now I know you are casting a sheet over our eyes from the truth. You are but an angry little man. Who abused our innocence and niaveity of the truth. I would leave forever for spite towards you, but I know you delude yourself, using your god-complex to shild you from the truth. This pain is because of you. This fear is because you are in the building. Someday it might be possible for me to escape you. But that is not nearly close enough.
Goodbye father. I make it a point that you never get to meet or know me. Everything I show will be a mask for you. Like a toy for a toddler to keep it happy. Someday I will show your what your have done.

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